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Určitě časem přeložíme ;) Zase jsme čerpaly z www.phantomoftheopera.com:
During the "mirror" scene...

Emmy: Angel of music.... *Thunk! walks into mirror*
Gerry: oops sorry forgot to open it up for yeh

Down Once More

Gerry: Start a new life with me, buy his freedom with your love! Refuse me and you send your lover to his death! This is the choice! This is the point of no return!

Emmy: Can't I just start a new life with you and send that pansy to his death?

Patrick: WHAT?!

Gerry: I don't see why not.


Down once more:
Gerry: Start a new life with me, buy his freedom with your love! Refuse me and you send your lover to his death! This is the choice! This is the point of no return!

Emmy: Oh jeez...that's a hard one...do I do what I've always dreamed of and go with you, but let that idiot live...or do I leave you so he can finally die...

Joel: CUT! How many times must we go over this? You don't choose the Phantom willingly, but you have to because you want Raoul to live!

Emmy: But that's just stupid.

Graveyard at the end:
The old Raoul sets down the music box and notices the rose. He looks worried then suddenly the phantom springs out from behind the grave yelling, "BOO!" Old Raoul grabs his chest and dies.
Phantom: HAHAHA Got ya at last! HAHAHA Happy dance!

The Mirror:
Phantom shows up and starts singing.
Singer: Umm wrong mirror.
Phantom looks and doesn't see Christine, "Umm."
Singer: One room over
Phantom: "Thanks"

Down once more:
"God give me courage to show you...You are not alone..."

Raoul pushes Christine aside and kisses Erik.
Erik: *shocked*
Erik: Raoul...?
Raoul: Angel of music, I've been hiding...frightened by my secret...Angel, I love you, please, be with me...I want to do your bidding!
Christine: Raoul!?!?!
Raoul: Sorry, Christine but...it would have never worked between us...I need...space...and you're...well...
Christine: I'm What...!
Raoul: ...clingy.
Christine: Oh that's it! That's the last straw! I'm leaving! *trudges through water to the exit*
*Erik and Raoul watch her leave; Erik looks at Raoul*
Erik: Do my bidding, huh?
Raoul: Yep.
Erik:...Strip Poker?

When Emmy is waking up in the Phantom's Lair and is singing "I remember.."

Emmy: "and in the boat, there was a..."
Her song is interrupted by a man yelling "Come on! Get him! Yeahhhh!!!" She goes in the next room to find Gerry sitting on a couch with a beer in his hand watching a hockey game on tv.

Phantom: "your chains are still mine! you belong to me!"
Raoul doesnt appear....everyone looks around....
Christine: where is he?
Suddenly you see raoul run towards them
Raoul: i can explain...you see, when i went to get my sword, i happened to pass a mirror in the hall. I then saw that one of my gorgeouse locks were out of place. I thought to myself, i can not go and fight if my hair isnt perfectly curled!

Phantom is pushing the boat along then the poll gets stuck and he is pulled off the boat. Phantom hangs on the poll. "Umm Christine... little help here... Christine?"
Christine: sings "Phantom of the opera is there inside my mind.'
Phantom: "Would you shut the bloody hell up and help me?"
Boat disappears with chirstine still singing.
Phantom: "Bloody dizt."

When Erik gets Christines ring at the end of the movie, he starts to gently caress it and says in a low, squeaky voice * Myyyy Preciousssss*.... Then suddenly he realises what he just said and turns bright red...

Joel: CUT! Gerry...! Wrong movie!

Erik: "Insolent Boy! This slave of fashion----
(Meg stares blankly back at him from her mirror.)
Erik: "Hey, I must be in the wrong mirror, you're not---
(Erik takes a good, long look at Meg's ample bosom)
Erik: *clears throat* Come to me angel of music! Come to the angel of music!!!!!!!!!
When Raoul is tied to the gate/fence thingy

*Phantom* i should say something nice before i kill you

(5 minutes later)

*Raoul* so......

*Phantom* i got nothin'


1 klarka klarka | 11. října 2009 v 17:19 | Reagovat

umět tak anglicky jako vy...

2 deborka deborka | 25. července 2010 v 19:59 | Reagovat

nechtěli byste to už přeložit??? já vážně nechci namáhat mozkové závity o prázdninách, když mě čeká takovej horor jako je přestup na střední a google.cz překládá ještě hůř než já :D:D:D:D:D:D

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